Poet Shankar Keshav Kanetkar

 Poet Shankar Keshav Kanetkar

Poet Shankar Keshav Kanetkar

Born – October 28, 1893.

Died December 4, 1973.

Poet Shankar Kanetkar, better known as Girish, was born on 28 October 1893 in Satara. He completed his education at the famous colleges of Ferguson and Willingdon.

Poet Govindagraj’s journey of composing poetry began after reading his poems. He was inspired by reading the poems of Balakavi and Govindagraj. But his poetry is clear and independent. The use of different phenomena, different attitudes, concise words and linear composition are the distinguishing features of his poetry.

* He wrote a fragmentary epic “Art” in 1926. Then in 1954 he translated Aniket’s tennis poem ‘ Ink Arden’  as an epic.

* In 1928, he wrote the epic poem “Ambarai” based on rural life.

* His “(1930) Kanchanganga, (1934) Falbhar, (1943) Manas Megh etc. have been published in various collections of poetry.

* He also did some critical writing, including ‘Kavya Kala’ in 1936 and ‘Marathi Natyachata’ in 1937.

   He was the principal of Mudhoji High School in Phaltan. He also received the Presidential Award in 1956 for his outstanding service in the field of education . He performed various excellent and famous poems during his stay in Phaltan. But he preferred to stay in Sangli after retirement.

* The social fragment “Abhagi Kalam” written in 1923 brought him special fame.

* He wrote Madhav Julian’s character ‘Swapnabhoomi’ in 1965, along with Reverend Na. Va. Tilak’s book also edited ‘Christian’.

Such a poet Girish passed away on 4th December 1973 in Pune. Greetings to such a person …

The line of his poetry conveys a sense of longing and truth-seeking society .

  “On the bed of death, the door of death, the begging of the poor …” {” पोर खाटेवर मृत्युच्या दारा, कुणा गरिबाचा तळमळे बिचारा…”}

Mother stays away in Konkan, maid’s support is one hand “{आई कोकणात दूरच राहिली, दासीचा आधार एक हात ” }

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