Poet Anant Atmaram Kanekar

Poet Anant Atmaram Kanekar

 Born – December 2, 1905.

Died – January 1, 1980.

Introductory –

Anant Kanekar, a Padma Shri award winning poet, was an excellent short story writer, journalist and professor of Marathi. Along with poetry, he also wrote stories, short essays and travelogues. He was born on 2 December 1905 in Mumbai.

Some of his collections of stories include “Morpise, Black Sister, Darkness Under the Lamp, Lightning Vine, Shadows of the World” and so on. Also, there is only one such collection of poems among the poems: it is ‘ Chandarat and other poems ‘. He included this dramatic form in his collection ‘Ruperi Walu’, which is included in the famous collection.(In Marathi त्यांच्या काही कथासंग्रहांमध्ये – “मोरपिसे, काळी मेहुणी, दिव्याखाली अंधार, विजेची वेल, जागत्या छाया” इत्यादी येतात. तसेच, कवितांमध्ये एकमेव असा कवितासंग्रह आहे: तो म्हणजे ‘चांदरात व इतर कविता‘. त्यांनी नाट्यपूर्ण अशा रूप कथांचा ही समावेश आपल्या ‘रुपेरी वाळू’ या संग्रहात समाविष्ट केला, तो प्रसिद्ध  संंग्रहामध्ये समावला आहे..)

He was the editor of Chitra Weekly from 1935 to 1939 . He remains the founder of the experimental theater company ” Natyamanyantar”  . His first collection of short essays was ” Ripe Leaves “,{ “पिकली पाने“}, as well as mussels and pearls, broken stars, and open windows.

In the travelogues, “blue mountains, red soil”, “rocks carve the sky”, “from the fog to the red star”, “our soil, our sky” and so on. Are included. Kanekar has contributed a lot to the literary status of the travelogue.

Kanekar was a member of Sangeet-Natak Akademi and Sahitya Akademi. Among the features of his writing are human nature and its ideological reality, dramatic expression and different way of thinking.

He was the President of the Marathi Sahitya Sammelan held at Aurangabad in 1957. Such talented artist Kanekar has been honored with ‘Soviet Desh Nehru‘ award and ‘Padma Shri‘ award.

He died on January 1, 1980. Yours sincerely…

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