V.  S.  Srinivas Shastri

V.  S.  Srinivas Shastri

V.  S.  Srinivas Shastri

Birth – 17 September, 1869
Died – April 22, 1946

        V.  S.  Srinivas Shastri, a loyal politician, a scholar of Ramayana, a world-renowned English speaker, and many others.  S.  Memorial Day of Srinivas Shastri.

         He was born in 1869 in Kumbakonas.  He was famous in school life as an expert sports in domestic and foreign sports.  When they came in contact with Jamadar Gopal Krishna Gokhale, he became a member and later president of Bharat Sevak Samaj.

          His political career began as a member of the Madras Legislature.  He later became known around the world for his English speeches at the Imperial Council, Washington and the Round Table Conference and at the United Nations.
          Srinivasashastri, who advocated the integrity of India, was known as a scholar and knower of Sanskrit Ramayana.

            He was a ‘Bharat Sevak’ in the true sense of the word.

        On  He died on April 22, 1946.
We salute them sincerely….,

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