Pt.  Pannalal Ghosh

Pt.  Pannalal Ghosh

Pt.  Pannalal Ghosh

  Birth – July 24, 1911
  Died – April 20, 1960

          Renowned flutist Pt.  Pannalal Ghosh.  On  He was born on July 24, 1911 in Barisal, Bangaladesh.  Pannalal Ghosh is the epoch-making flutist who gave independent, autonomous status to this flute!

           His full name is Pannalal Akshay Kumar Ghosh.  Pannalal Ghosh, who studied music under Master Khushi Mohammad, Girijashankar Chakraborty and Ustad Allauddin Khan, directed music for ‘Sarai Kala Nritvamandali’, All India Radio-Delhi and films.

        Pannalal Ghosh’s also, Bageshri, Rituraj, Kaligavijay, Bhairavi, Jyotirmas Amitabh, composition  was favorable and Roared. who directed the music for the films ‘Intezar‘ and ‘Vasant‘, were especially popular.
            Ghosh, who gave flute playing an independent status, created a beautiful confluence of his own melodious tones and fast-paced types like ‘Jhala’ in Satar-Sarod.

           Expanded the developmental potential of this instrument.  For this, flutes of larger diameter, longer length and more vocal area were made.  The son of the great satar player Akshay Kumar Ghosh, he became a world famous flutist and an artist who created new traditions in the field of flute playing.

      On  He died on April 20, 1960.  Yours sincerely,

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