Nandlal Bose (Painter)

Painter Nandlal Bose

Painter Nandlal Bose

 Painter Nandlal Bose

Born – December 3, 1882.

Died  – April 16, 1966

Nandlal Bose was born on 3 December 1882 at Munger in Kharagpur.

Nandlal Bose, who was honored with the book ” Padma Bhushan“, used indigenous paper, indigenous colors and indigenous techniques in his painting system. He learned painting from Avaniendranath Tagore and Ishwari Prasad. He is known for his Ravindra style of painting.

He became famous for his painting ” Sati “ painted in 1907 . He was honored with honorary doctorates from Benaras, Calcutta and Visva-Bharati Vidyalaya for his extraordinary sketching mastery of painting .

In his paintings, easily, … the area is full of animals and birds, hurried goats, walking people and nature. He studied all these carefully and drew the pictures easily.

Since he was associated with Mahatma Gandhi, he experimented with Gandhiji’s indigenous philosophy in an artistic way. Such a world famous painter joined Anant (In heaven) on 16th April 1966 at Santiniketan in Kolkata. 

Painter Nandlal Bose

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