N. G. Gore

N. G. Gore

N. G. Gore

Born – 15 June 1907.
Died – May 1, 1993.

*  A wel known (famous)  thinker who supports socialist ideology and values, who leads an independent frontier. N. G.  Gore was born on 15 June 1907 in Konkan.

* All Maharashtra knows Nanasaheb in many ways as a leader in the independent struggle, founder of the Congress Samajwadi Party, leader of the Goa Liberation Struggle and Boundary Fight United Maharashtra Movement and a renowned Marathi writer.

* Adopting a scientific approach and an intelligent, rational way of thinking, this leader endured all kinds of dislikes.  But he consistently played a strong progressive role in front of the society.

* Struggling against ignorance and adhering to science, the thoughts of this sage were clean, clear and sharp.  He faced many storms throughout his life.  The direction of social change, however, has never changed.

* Nanasaheb communicated in all fields of literature such as politics, history, finance, fine arts, children’s literature, character, philosophy.  He also served as the Ambassador of India.

* ‘It is Nanasaheb who insists that in order for Indian society to be progressive, the highest caste values must be destroyed!  On  He died on May 1, 1993.

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