Shantaram Athavale

Shantaram Athavale

Shantaram Athavale

Born – January 21, 1910.

Died – May 2, 1975.

He was a Marathi film director, writer and lyricist.  Shantaram Athavale was born on January 21 in Pune.  His father, Sardar Shitoli of Gwalior Sansthan, was in charge of Pune.  He was educated at Bhave School in Pune.

  A cousin of Athavale – Yashwantrao Athavale – was acting in Gandharva Natakmandali plays (drama committee), which gave him the opportunity to watch many plays in his school life and get acquainted with the drama.

At the same time, folk songs were performed on Sardar Shitoli’s palaces in Pune.

In 1928, Athavale failed in the maths matriculation examination.  In his very next year, i.e.  In 1929, his father died.

Therefore,  In 1930, he sat for the school examination again and passed it.  After that he was going to college for a year.  Only this  Shantaram’s college education was hampered in 1931 when the Athavale family moved cows from Pune to his hometown of Kolwadi near Theura.

He has been awarded the Certificate of Merit.

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