Tipu Sultan

Tipu Sultan

Tipu Sultan
Tipu Sultan

Birth – November 20, 1750.

Died – May 4, 1799.

The victorious man is the tiger of God

Mhaisur’s mighty Tipu Sultana was born on November 20, 1750. Birthplace: Devanahli, Bangalore. His original name was Shah Bahadur Ali Khan.  Haider Ali is the son of a mighty chieftain.

This aggressive sultan had spread his wings even before he came to power.  He came to the throne in 1782.  He ruled for the next 17 years.  During this time he maintained friendly relations with the rulers of France, Iran, and Turkey.

However, he did not get along well with the British.  He tried to resist the British

   Tipu Sultan, who was fluent in Persian, Kannada and Urdu, was referred to as “Tiger”.  He started his own new chronology.  New arrangements of scales, coins.  His bibliography was also large.

  He was killed in the battle of Aurangzeb on May 4, 1799 while fighting the British.

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